The East of the West competition of the 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival opened with Afterlife, the debut feature of Virág Zomborácz. Afterlife received positive Hungarian and international reviews, both the audience and the industry adored its universal humour, its characters and atmosphere.
The film was made with the in-kind support of the South Transdanubian Film Fund’s various film commission services (including location management and security, hotel accommodation, catering, set construction, and working sound, light and stage solutions) and shot on location mainly in Pécs and the surrounding region.
Afterlife is a mix between genre film, drama and comedy, focuses on the story of a father who had always considered his son to be a ghost, before becoming one himself. This twist of fate will give the son the possibility of dealing, in a very odd way, with his personal issues with the deceased.

The Spanish government has released a draft of the proposed fiscal reform that would set tax credits on foreign and local film investments at 20 percent in order to continue promoting the film industry in the country.
At the moment, the draft of the fiscal reform, which now is making its way through the Parliament, establishes that investments in Spanish film productions will be eligible for a 20 percent tax deduction on the first million Euros and 18 percent for everything over the first million, up to €3 million deduction at the maximum. The Government ensures that this decision its a boost for the cultural industry.

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The famous Chinese director, scriptwriter and star actress Xu Jinglei is shooting a film with the working title Somewhere Only We Know in Prague.
The film is produced by her production company Beijing Kaila Pictures in coproduction with Prague based Milk & Honey Pictures. The Chinese producers are spending 60 m CZK locally and will get a 20% rebate on the expenditure in the Czech Republic.
Somewhere Only We Know will be shot until mid-August in various locations in Prague where the romantic story takes place. A young Chinese girl comes to study in Prague, where her grandmother had lived in the past, and she tries to find the traces of her life there.
Xu Jinglei’s films are extremely popular in China, having reached an audience of more than 97 million viewers and received several domestic and international awards.

Hamburg Film Commission and Hamburg Tourismus have launched the “Hamburg Loves Film - Hotels” initiative for a shooting and film friendly Hanseatic City.
Hamburg loves film and Hamburg loves film professionals, which is why we would like to make the stay and and work in Hamburg as pleasant as possible for all film professionals. Our first step is to provide an overview of hotels in Hamburg that meet the service requirements for international film productions and preferably show an open mindedness towards on location shooting in the hotel premises.

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