The association was officially registered in Brussels in March 2007 and the first Board of Directors was elected at the first general assembly in Prague in November 2007.

The following members comprise the current Board of Directors:

(The next board elections will be held in 2020)

Truls Kontny

EUFCN President

Pavlína Žipková

EUFCN Vice President

Mikael Svensson

EUFCN General Secretary

Milica Božanić

EUFCN Treasurer

Alexandra Luetkens

EUFCN Board Member

Pierrette Baillot

EUFCN Board member

Piluca Querol

EUFCN Board member

Venia Vergou

EUFCN Board member

The following members comprise the current Advisory Board:

Arie Bohrer

Ex President EUFCN and Director of Location Austria

Cornelia Hammelmann

Film Consultant

Nick Smith

President Global Operations Blackhall Studios

Andy Weltman

Film and Television Production; Mangaing Director of UK divison of APA International

Iain Smith

Chair British Film Commission