Become a Member

Why should you decide to become a member?

Dear Film Commissioner,
as you might know the European Film Commissions Networks is now a network that gathers 90 Film Commissions from 30 European Countries and it is now time for you to join in and take advantage of all the opportunities that being a member offers.

Why should you decide to become a member?

  • To make your working life easier
  • To compare and exchange information with your colleagues (on a production company, on a problem with your public institutions, on a location, etc…)
  • To make your access to international markets easier (in Berlin, Cannes and more…)
  • To improve your promotion abroad

What does becoming a member mean?

  • Being part of an active community of Film Commissioners
  • Being able to directly contact your colleagues throughout all of Europe
  • Receiving updated information and training on your everyday working life
  • Being recognized as an official member of the EUFCN
  • Benefiting from the training sessions organized by the network
  • Being invited as a guest or a speaker to the experience sharing sessions

What are you supposed to do for the association?

  • Publish your own news on the EUFCN website
  • Invite your VIP guest to the EUFCN parties in Berlin and Cannes
  • If you wish, suggest your own experience/problem on a specific subject for the experience sharing sessions, or ask the board to discuss it at one of the network meetings
  • Take part in the three EUFCN meetings: one at the Berlin Film Festival, one at the Cannes Film Festival and the General Meeting organized every November in Brussels or another Country (2 days meeting). The meetings usually last 2 to 4 hours + the training sessions and/or experience sharing sessions
  • Elect the Board of Directors (election every 2 years)
  • Pay your membership fee every year (500€ – per year)

How do you become a member?

We’re sorry, but due to a technical problem the online form is not active.

Please, send your applications or requests directly via email to

Thank you!

Do you need more info?

If you wish to better understand the activities of our association just ask to join our next meeting and we will be happy to host you as our special guest.

The EUFCN Board of Directors and staff
For more info: