Filming Europe 60 Seconds Insights

How have jobs in the film industry changed in the past two years? How does the future of filmmaking look like?

Through a short series of 60-second videos (shared during the Marché du Film 2021), professionals touch upon new challenges and opportunities in a post-pandemic world.

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After over a year online the new challenge is now how to adapt to new things without being 100% dependent on the World Wide Web.

Pavlina ZipkovaCzech Film Commission

The next few years are going to be very creative for filmmaking and everything will be definitely based on new technology.

Jean-Frederic GarciaFOCUS London

We are now having to work harder than ever to bypass the practical, hygienic and social repercussions of Covid in an essentially social setting such as film production and shooting. The film industry is stronger than ever despite the initial setback.

Fenia CossovitsaBlonde Audiovisual Productions

We have to try to be one step ahead the moment every project starts. We have to be really exact, really flexible, really fast.

Jonas SpokasBaltic Locations

Now I find that I have many more offers from TV shows than films. One word to describe the future of the film industry would be inclusivity.

Clara RoquetWriter and Director

There are new opportunities that are arising due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s the ability to openly speak about issues in the industry such as working under huge stress and time pressure, work insecurity, unsocial working hours, bullying, inequality, and many more that have enormous effect on our mental health and wellbeing.

Janka Neustupová H&S Covid-19 & Mental Health Wellbeing Advisor

I believe that by working together at a European level, by sharing and joining forces, resources, time and expertise, we can really push forward and make toolkits relevant for much more professionals all over Europe.

Tim WagendorpFlanders Audiovisual Fund Sustainability Coordinator

We have been working much more domestically and locally and have been focusing on questions like security and sustainability. I see the future of our film industry as something warm, positive, and mature.

Mikael Svensson Southern Sweden Film Commission

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