Green Filming

EUFCN engagement in sustainable filming

EUFCN wishes to enhance film commissions’ competencies/expertise to foster and promote a more sustainable and efficient film industry in Europe.

EUFCN’s goal is to lay the groundwork for sustainable filming with basic information for its members.

Best Practices within Film Commissions

The Film Commission Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein in Germany created the green shooting card

Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission offers information on green filming (in German)

The Irish Film Board has a green production toolkit

VAF-location Flanders in Belgium developed a handbook called e-Mission

Film London launched in 2008 the Green Screen initiative which encourages environmentally friendly filming in London

The Ile-de-France Film Commission in France is part of a joint initiative by public and private organisations called Eco Prod which creates a carbon calculator (carbon’clap) and since 2012 the guide eco production

AGIR Program from the PACA region and the Pôle Transmedia Méditerranée (in French) Film Commission is involved in sustainable development and the circular economy with the project Eco-filming.

Lower Austrian Film Commission – LAFC offers EVERGREEN, the first Green Guide of Austria and currently extends its Green Filming initiative to EVERGREEN Prisma.