Filming Europe in Safety

Guidelines for production during COVID-19

European countries and film institutions are providing technical and organizational measures in order to help productions run safely during the global emergency. As the European Film Commissions Network, we are collecting these guidelines to make them available to all professionals shooting in Europe in the near future. The page will be constantly updated.

From cast and crew testing to protective equipment and on-site organization, the safety regulations are very detailed and vary within European countries. Since each filming is different, specific risk-based measures need to be established prior to the start of activities.

Protocols within European Countries


Comeback work concept for filming in the field of film and television during the COVID-19 crisis written by the Austrian film associations in coordination with the Ministry of Health


Good practices for filming in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic by

Covid-19 sector-specific guidelines for the Television & Media Industry (JC 227) and Film Production Protocol for the Flemish-speaking Community of Belgium by Screen Flanders


Recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic during filming prepared by Croatian professional audio-visual associations, following  the guidelines issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health


Health and safety protocol for film, television and commercial productions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus


Safe-regulatory guidelines for safe filmmaking by Czech Film Commission / Czech Film Fund


Recommended Guidelines for production during COVID-19 by Audiovisual Producers in Finland


Guide des préconisations de sécurité sanitaire pour les activités de la production audiovisuelle cinématographique et publicitaire. Élaboré par CCHSCT (in French)

Health and Safety Recommendations for Audio-visual, Film and Advertising Production Activities in France. Partial translation of the Guide prepared by the CCHSCT of audiovisual production and cinema / advertising production.


SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Standard Recommendations for film productions by the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the energy, textile, electrical and media products sectors (BG ETEM)

Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions answered by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Health


Updated Guidelines for Safe Film Shoots & Sound Recordings issued by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Modified quarantine procedures for filming in Iceland during COVID-19 developed by The Directorate of Health in collaboration with Film in Iceland


Return to Production Guidelines for the Creative Screen Industry by Screen Producers Ireland


Protocol for the protection of workers in the cinema-audiovisual sector issued by ANICA (Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive e Multimediali)


Recommendations for filming crews regarding the organization of operations during the quarantine by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania


Health and safety recommendations for the audiovisual industry developed by the Film Fund Luxembourg with the Ministry of Health and professionals’ associations in Luxembourg.


Netherlands Covid-19 Protocol for the Audiovisual Sector drawn up by a task force commissioned by NCP (Association of Dutch Content Producers) and NAPA (Netherlands Audiovisual Producers Alliance) for the entire audiovisual sector.

Version 3.4, Feb. 5th 2021

Annex to The Netherlands Covid-19 Protocol for the Audiovisual Sector: Indicative Risk Assessment Table.

Version 3.0 – 1 July 2020

Toolkit in addition to the Covid-19 Protocol for the Audiovisual Sector.

Version 3.0, 1 July 2020

Travelling to the Netherlands: EU entry ban and exemptions.


Guide for safe execution of audiovisual production developed by Virke with the support of the Norwegian Film Institute


New safety rules on the film set by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


COVID-19: Guidelines for filming in Portugal by  Portugal Film Commission


COVID-19 Protocol for film crews by Serbia Film Commission, the Audio-visual Section of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Film Center Serbia


Regulations of the Public Health Authority regarding wearing face-masks for performing artists: Artists have been given an exception from wearing masks. News published by the Slovak Film Commission


Audiovisual productions in times of Covid-19. Good practices guide for safe shootings by the Spain Film Commission 

Producciones audiovisuales en tiempos del Covid-19. Guía de buenas prácticas para rodajes seguros elaborado por Spain Film Commission (in Spanish)


Guidelines for film and TV productions in Sweden during the Corona / Covid-19 epidemic, issued by The Swedish Film & TV Producers Association, Media Industries Employer Association, and The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film


Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High-end TV Drama Production. Guidelines by the British Film Commission

COVID-19 Guidance for Location Filming in London by Film London


Basic safety rules created by the European Institute for Health and Safety in Film Industry for the Audiovisual Producers Association (APA) in the Czech Republic