Johannes Koeck’s Farewell Letter to EUFCN | “Everything has its time”

Dear fellow film commissioners in Europe,

this is my farewell to you because “everything has its time“:

After more than 26 years as Head of Cine Tirol Film Commission, I have decided to enter my (active) retirement in order to devote myself to new tasks – I look back on an incredibly long, beautiful, exciting, diverse, surprising, successful, meaningful and fulfilling time: nothing could have made me happier in my professional life!

It was an unique and great privilege to be able to promote Tirol/Austria as a fascinating and inspiring film location – being aware of this I always tried to give my very best and thus live up to Khalil Gibran’s idea that “work is love made visible”.

If I had to describe all my memories of this probably longest chapter in my book of life in just one word, then it would be “gratitude” for the multifaceted experiences, adventures and discoveries in the “Heart of the Alps” and in many countries that I have been able to travel to in the course of my professional responsibilities, but above all “gratitude” for all the encounters that have enriched my life in such a wonderful way and made me who I am today. In this gratitude, I include all the people in Tyrol and around the world who have made this life possible for me and who have accompanied me over this long period of time! I’m most grateful to all partners, allies and companions in Tirol and abroad for the always excellent, trustful and solution-oriented cooperation over a long period of time – we can be very satisfied with the successes we have achieved together.

 I was always a very proud (founding) member of EUFCN – exchanging visions and ideas, discussing challenges and solutions or meeting on a personal level was a wonderful experience to me: thank you so much for your kindness and support, for your patience and understanding as fellow film commissioners and friends throughout these years: I will recall our joyful encounters in many European countries for ever with fondest memories! I wish you all great success: your committed contribution means a lot to the film industry as well as to your countries, states, regions and cities – film commissioners promote, attract, support, network, connect, develop… and rock!

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I place the management of the Cine Tirol Film Commission in the hands and in the heart of my highly esteemed and extremely competent colleague of many years, Angelika Pagitz. Together with Anna Eisner and Joséphine Kennel, she will continue to promote the Filmland Tirol and shape and develop its future as the new head of Cine Tirol Film Commission – I wish the very talented, dedicated and motivated Cine Tirol dream team the best of luck and great success for their future endeavours. Angelika, Anna und Josie will be available via

I will now begin a new stage of my CV and use this, in addition to more time for myself, my family and friends, for further discoveries in Tyrol and journeys to near and far countries, for cultural events and social initiatives as well as for my own business in the areas of film & tourism- more on this from fall 2024…

 With this in mind, I say goodbye with very mixed feelings, but above all with the feeling of a bond of friendship between us until we meet again here in Tyrol or somewhere else…

 I would very much like us to stay in touch: I will be available via LinkedIn at “Johannes Koeck”. 

I wish you all the best and a happy heart!


Most cordially! 

Johannes Koeck    

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