Spain Film Commission new Board of Directors

The new Board of Directors has been elected as the result of an integrated candidacy with maximum consensus and territorial balance in the Spanish Network of Film Commissions and Offices.

The fundamental aims in this new period are:

The enhancement and extension of the fiscal incentive for filming in Spain created, at the request of Spain Film Commission, in January 2015. This incentive is already involving an effective increase in the competitiveness of Spain as filming destination for national and international projects.
To increase the international promotional action of Spain as filming destination, promoting not only the locations but also the industry and audiovisual professionals in Spain.

To improve communication with ICAA, ICEX and Turespaña and the autonomous regions to achieve an strategic plan to benefit from the possibilities of Spain in the filming industry.

Opening to new markets and reinforcement of the Spanish presence in the most important markets and festivals. This is to develop the recently signed agreement with the Film & Television Producers Guild of India and House of India in Spain and to increase the attendance of Spain Film Commission in USA and Europe.
To develop the conclusions of the I Spanish Conference on Movie Tourism so it can lead to an increase in cinematic tourism allowing more programs and films to be filmed in Spain and to develop a “Cluster” to join forces between the tourist and the audiovisual industry.

Spain Film Commission was created in 2001 and is integrated by 28 film commissions/offices from Andalucía, Aragón, Canarias, Cantabria, Castilla la Mancha, Castila y León, Cataluña, Comunidad de Madrid, Comunidad Valenciana, Extremadura, Galicia, Islas Baleares, Murcia, Navarra, País Vasco and Principado de Asturias.


  • Carlos Rosado Cobián, President. Andalucía Film Commission.
  • Koldo Lasa Aristu, Vice president. Navarra Film Commission.
  • Ricardo Martínez Cedres, Vice president. Tenerife Film Commission.
  • Juan Manuel Guimerans Rubio, Vice president. Valladolid Film Office.
  • Emilio Julián Alhambra Sempere, Vice president and secretary. Comunitat Valenciana Film Commission.
  • Pere Lluis Clavería Vilar, Treasurer. Terrassa Film Office.
  • Teresa María Azcona Alejandre. Vocal. Aragón Film Commission.
  • Ernesto Del Río Villagrá, Vocal. Bilbao-Bizkaia Film Commission.
  • Victor Lamadrid Hernández, Vocal. Cantabria Film Commission.
  • Dimas Marcos González Bennett, Vocal, Santiago de Compostela Film Commission.
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