Venia Vergou named Manager of the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN)

Venia Vergou has been appointed new Manager of the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN), a role she will assume from January 2,  2024. She succeeds former EUFCN Managing Director Angelica Cantisani, who stepped down in August for professional reasons after 12 years managing the Network.

“Film Commissioners have been incredible mentors to me,” said Vergou. “Having an open dialogue with the policy makers and professionals in their film industry, as well as a wide knowledge of the statute book of their countries, they can make wonders happen behind the scenes. I strongly believe that a Film Commission is the crossroads where all paths of filmmaking meet.

Being appointed as the new Manager of EUFCN is an incredible honour considering its pivotal role in the growth of the audiovisual industry. I am respectful to how much Angelica Cantisani has contributed to the shaping of the Network since its establishment and I am fully aware of the responsibility of this position. I am also looking forward to working closely with the Board of Directors and the EUFCN members and staff, to further develop strategies and shape our future goals.”

“The EUFCN is in transition, as is the industry itself, and one might say; continuously so,” said EUFCN Co-Presidents Carlota Guerrero and Adrian A. Mitchell. “The work carried out by film offices and film commissions across Europe is fundamental to the development of the European film industry. As a result, EUFCN membership is increasing, a sign that confirms that our members both wish for and need a strong and competent network where they can find guidance, experience, advice and members alike. 

It will be the EUFCN’s priority over the next months to consolidate the association’s presence as a key player in the European film industry’s landscape, to strengthen the ongoing relationship with producers across the continent and beyond, and to promote and facilitate networking and training activities for members, on both operational and policy level. We believe that Ms. Vergou, with her vast experience, energy and proven efficiency, will indisputably master the task.”

Venia Vergou is the former director of the Hellenic Film Commission at the Greek Film Centre (2017-2021) and was a member of the EUFCN Board of Directors from 2019 to 2021. Vergou has been an insider of the film industry in Greece for over 20 years, a film critic, a co-producer of three feature films, as well as film projects coordinator for documenta 14 and head of communications and film programmer for the Greek Film Archive.

“Ms. Vergou has the sense of quality and thoroughness in her work, and as of late she has shown her endurance and entrepreneurial skills in the team of Crew United when establishing this network of audiovisual professionals across Greece,” added Carlota Guerrero and Adrian A. Mitchell. “This bundle of skills seldom comes collected – and we are more than pleased to have her on board.”

As a member of the Crew United team, and the person responsible for establishing the Greek channel of the biggest European online network for audiovisual professionals, Venia Vergou will continue her work at Crew United Greece on a part-time basis.

The European Film Commissions Network is a non-profit association that supports and promotes the European film industry and culture. It currently represents 99 European film commissions and film institutions from 31 different countries. 

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