FILMING EUROPE - EUFCN is a non-profit association which supports and promotes the European film industry and culture.

Its main goals are to create a network of the most active European Film Commissions; to promote the exchange of information between members; to sustain the development of location searches and shooting opportunities; and to carry out professional and educational activities for members.
Furthermore, it is also involved in promoting Film Commission activities with Public Institutions, the European Community and the film industry; conducting projects funded by the European Union; supporting the film industry; organizing seminars and conferences; analyzing the needs of producers of films and TV dramas and meeting these needs.

A group of film commissioners who wanted to share information and learn from one another's experiences met in Malaga in 2004 to establish the foundations for this organization, that is devoted to the business of facilitating production activity.
In Berlin in 2005, they signed the Berlin Declaration for the constitution of the European Film Commissions Network.

The association was officially registered in Brussels in March 2007 and the first Board of Directors was elected at the first general assembly in Prague in November 2007.

The following EuFCN members comprise the current Board of Directors
(The next board elections will be held in autumn 2016):

Truls Kontny
Film Commission Norway

Christiane Raab
Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission

Mikael Svensson
Southern Sweden Film Commission
General Secretary

Milica Božanić
Serbia Film Commission

Andrea Rocco
Genova Liguria Film Commission
Board member

Piluca Querol
Andalucia Film Commission
Board member

Sanja Ravlić
Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Board member


The following members comprise the current Advisory Board
(The next board elections will be held in 2018):

Arie Bohrer
Ex President EUFCN and Director of Location Austria

Cornelia Hammelmann
Head of German Federal Film Fund

Nick Smith
CEO of Pinewood Studios

Nicolas Traube
Chairman of Film France


Today, the network represents 84 European Film Commissions from 28 Countries.
Our mission is to:

  • develop the exchange of information between members
  • improve location research and shooting possibilities
  • carry out professional and educational training for members
  • bring up film commissions' issues with public institutions, tourist organisations, the European community and the film industry
  • support and encourage the establishment of new Film Commissions
  • organise joint fair presences at film festivals and trade shows
  • generate guidelines for Film Commissions
  • acquire and implement projects funded by the European Union in order to analyse the needs of film and TV producers with new solutions for the film industry


In general, Film Commissions are organizations that are financed by local Institutions. They operate in the interest of their country and have been established to help people who work in the audiovisual field. The main goal of Film Commissions is to attract productions by providing aid and assistance. In order to achieve this goal, Film Commissions are involved in promoting their countries and local services.

The primary mission common to all Film Commissions is promoting and marketing their region, resulting in increased employment of local workers and the use of services such as equipment rentals, hotels, catering... A further result is an increase in tourism.

Primary Film Commission activities include: marketing and promotion; finding locations; scouting expeditions and creating a link between production companies and local Institutions.


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