EUFCN Spotlight on: Finnish Lapland Film Commission

The Finnish Lapland Film Commission was founded in 2008 and provides services to cover every aspect of production in Lapland. Let’s discover Lapland’s filming opportunities guided by Film Commissioner Anna Niemelä.

photo credits: Juha Kauppinen

Which main productions were shot recently in Lapland and which ones are set to be shooting in the future? 

“The most recent productions that have filmed in Finnish Lapland are a Chinese feature film, two UK documentary series, one Dutch reality series, some commercials, and one campaign for Red Bull. A UK feature film and a Russian feature film were postponed because of the coronavirus global emergency, as well as a few documentary series and TV productions.”

What’s the biggest production you have ever supported in your territory?  

“Bollywood blockbuster War by Yash Raj Films, directed by Siddharth Anand. The production filmed a massive car chase scene in Finnish Lapland, with Paul Jennings in charge of directing the action scene. The filming took place on a frozen lake in the city of Rovaniemi.”

What do you think is something unique the Finnish Lapland Film Commission can offer?  

“Easy accessibility combined with the vast and impressive wilderness. Lapland is the most accessible Arctic filming location in the world. With five airports and extensive road networks, you don’t need a helicopter to access our forests, hills, lakes, and rivers. And not only do we have silence and pure nature, but also plenty of services to make the region functional for productions, from the very basic support services to the luxury required for A-list stars.”

photo credits: Courtesy of Ailo’s Journey MRP Mathila Röhr Productions

How are you handling the actual emergency?

“The first step was putting out information and ensuring safety as our top priority. Audiovisual Producers Finland, among other organizations, have released guidelines for productions in Finland. We have followed these measures and have shared the information with the productions interested in filming in Lapland.

As there is less activity with productions at the moment, we are using this time to develop our processes and operations. Later this year, we will launch a new section on our website that will promote individual locations in our area. Highly developed infrastructure and a trustworthy, safe society in Finland make us a reliable working environment. In Lapland, you also have plenty of space to keep a safe distance!”

Are you interested in filming in Lapland?

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