Berlinale Film Festival 2015

February 9th – Berlin.

Here below the photos of the reception and members meeting we had during the last Berlinale Film Festival.
We want to the thank the Vertretung des Landes Brandenburg beim Bund for their kind hospitality and the following members for co-hosting the event: BLS Film Commission, FFF Film Commission Bayern, Film Commission Niedersachsen/Bremen, Hamburg Film Commission, Location Austria, MDM Film Commission, Norway Film Commission, Poland Film Commission, Sardegna Film Commission, Creative Scotland, Tenerife Film Commission.

Thanks to Hamburg Film Commission for these pictures.

EUFCN @ Shangai Film Market

June 18th – 20th, 2017

For the second year EUFCN attended the Shanghai Film Market.

This year for the first time, we had a huge booth in front of the main entrance and a delegation of 10 European members was there, representing Europe and the European Cinema Industry.

Find a selection of the best moments.

EUFCN Location Award 2017: the City of Gorlitz is the Best European Film Location of the Decade 2007-2017

The 10th anniversary of EUFCN – the European Film Commissions Network started on November 7th, inside and in collaboration with the European Parliament, with the assignment of the first European Film Location Award of the Decade, powered in collaboration with Cineuropa. 

The City of Gorlitz has been chosen among 40 European film locations as the best film location of the decade, for playing the title role in Wes Anderson’s film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

The City of Gorlitz

The award has been delivered to the managing director of Europastadt GörlitzZgorzelec GmbH (EGZ), Ms. Andrea Behr, representing the city of Görlitz and to the MDM film commission representatives, who hardily worked to promote the city and his appeal all around the world. 

Claas Danielsen, Managing Director of Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH, says: “Congratulations to Görlitz on this wonderful feat you and the region have accomplished together. Boasting an unparalleled wealth of shooting locations, ‘Görliwood’ has made a name for itself with producers and audiences the world over and will continue to lure international film crews to the town on the Neisse River”.

Since the 1950s, Görlitz, the easternmost town of Germany, has regularly served as a film set. Numerous Hollywood productions have been drawn to Görlitz, including “Around the World in 80 Days” by Jackie Chan, Stephen Daldrys’ “The Reader”, starring Kate Winslet, and most recently, “The Captain” by Robert Schwentke.

Wes Anderson spent 40 days in Görlitz shooting his award-winning masterpiece “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, which starred Ralph Fiennes, Jude Law, and Bill Murray in the leading roles. The main place of action was an art-nouveau shopping mall from 1913, which was transformed into the film’s eponymous hotel. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” scooped up four Oscars®, including the one for Best Production Design.

The winner has been chosen after a long contest started in June 2017, when each Film Commission member of the EUFCN had the opportunity to candidate a film location (a specific place used in films or TV Series). Secondly a group of experts and movie critics from Cineuropa selected a final shortlist, made up of 11 wonderful European locations, which hosted renowned cinema or TV projects, emphasizing the beauty and the variety of European landscapes.

The locations in shortlist have been voted on the Cineuropa website by about 15.000 European citizens, and among them EUFCN and Cineuropa selected one lucky winner, who won a trip to the city of Gorlitz.

 “Locations represent the soul of each Film Commission”, comments Eufcn’s President Truls Konty. “When we discussed for the first time about the Location Award  we cannot imagine such as participation and success. It was a real and unexpected surprise to discover that locations of films and TV series are so important in the collective consciousness.

EUFCN Location Award 2018: Corfu crowned Best European Film Location of 2018

The island of Corfu has been chosen from among 12 European locations as the best of 2018, in recognition of the key role it played in the TV series The Durrells.

Each member of the EUFCN had the opportunity to submit a film location – a specific place used recently in films or TV series. The general public had a chance to vote for their favourite location online, via the Cineuropa website. One lucky winner was picked from among all the voters and won a trip for two to Corfu island.

Locations represent the soul of each film commission.” says EUFCN president Truls Kontny. “Last year, we didn’t expect such a huge success for the first edition of the European Film Location Award. After this positive result, we decided to repeat it and have an annual award. This year, we had 12 amazing locations in competition, and all of them have played an important role in films and TV series shot in 2017.  We all strongly believe that this award can increase the visibility of European locations all over the world.

The island of Corfu

The prize was picked up by the director of the Hellenic Film Commission, Venia Vergou, and coordinator Stavroula Geronimaki, who both work hard to promote the island’s cinematic appeal to the rest of the world: “The 2018 Best European Film Location Award is very rewarding, as it communicates to the entire world how unique Greek locations are. They have inspired writers, directors and producers for many years. This prize underlines the systematic work of the Hellenic Film Commission in promoting Greek locations. It also showcases the impact that cultural heritage and monuments have on audiovisual works – the Old Town of Corfu island, which contributed to the success of the TV series The Durrells, is one of the many UNESCO-protected monuments in Greece” said Vergou.

Corfu is among the most beautiful and popular Greek islands. Due to its strong historical connection with Europe, it was one of the first Greek islands to open up to tourism. Located on the north-western side of the country, in the Ionian Sea, Corfu island has a cosmopolitan feeling combined with a special, traditional character. Apart from the wonderful beaches, the highlight of the island is the Old Town, with its characteristic Venetian style.

The story of the TV series The Durrells is based on the autobiographical trilogy of books by Gerald Durrell, the naturalist, explorer, writer and conservationist, about his family settling on Corfu island in 1933. The TV series wrapped its fourth season in October this year; it was written by BAFTA Award nominee Simon Nye and directed by Roger Goldby. Sid Gentle Films Ltd produced it in co-production with Masterpiece.

EUFCN President Truls Kontny with Hellenic Film Commission’s director Venia Vergou and coordinator Stavroula Geronimaki.

The candidates for the 2018 European Film Location Award were:

· Andalucía Film Commission (Spain): Tabernas Desert in Almería

· Cine Tirol (Austria): Innsbruck Old Town

· Croatian Audiovisual Centre (Croatia): The island of Vis

· Film Commission Hessen (Germany): Frankfurt

· Hellenic Film Commission (Greece): Corfu Island

· IDM Film Fund & Commission (Italy): Lake Carezza

· Malta Film Commission (Malta): Fort St. Elmo – National War Museum

· Roma Lazio Film Commission (Italy): Valle dei Calanchi, Viterbo

· Screen Brussels Film commission (Belgium): Hotel Metropole

· Tenerife Film Commission (Spain): Teide National Park

· Vienna Film Commission (Austria): Michaelerplatz· Western Norway Film Commission (Norway): Preikestolen

Hellenic Film Commission’s director Venia Vergou

EUFCN Location Award 2019: El Hierro awarded Best European Film Location of 2019

The island of El Hierro (Canary Islands) is the winner of the third edition of the EUFCN Location Award, the award for best European location in the film and TV industries organized by EUFCN, in collaboration with Cineuropa.  

The Spanish island has been chosen from among 10 European locations as the best film location of 2019, for playing the perfect setting for the thriller TV series Hierro, created by Pepe Coira and directed by Jorge Coira.

During the first phase of the competition, each EUFCN member had the opportunity to submit one location from a film, a TV series or a documentary shot in their country and released between January 2018 and July 2019. Ten wonderful locations were shortlisted, and the general public had then the chance to vote for their favourite on the Cineuropa website. One lucky winner was picked among the voters and won a trip to El Hierro. 

EUFCN, as the network of all film commissions in Europe, wants to highlight the importance of locations and the work done by our members by giving out this Location Award” says EUFCN president Truls Kontny. “We are proud to do so for the third year in collaboration with Cineuropa and EFMIt is a great honour and also a great pleasure to hand out this prize to such a wonderful location and to such a hard working film institution.”

The award was received by Natacha Mora, director of Canary Islands Film during the EUFCN Location Award Ceremony that kicked off EFM Landmark 2020.  “I want to thank EUFCN on behalf of all the Canary Islands. It is an honour to be acknowledge as best European film location of the year. El Hierro is the smallest island in the archipelago and has truly magical landscapes. The success of the series “Hierro” translates into the upcoming second season, which will start shooting soon. We are sure everyone is really excited about this award, from the film crew to El Hierro residents and the series’ fans.

Canary Islands Film receives the 2019 EUFCN Location Award

El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands, and the most westerly point of Spain. It is characterized by incredible contrasts, both in and out of the water. From its seabed, to its craggy coastline or its extremely dramatic sheer cliffs. The intriguing landscapes of El Hierro, a paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, are strongly connected to the plot of the Spanish “southern noir” Hierro. A young man is found dead in the sea the day of his wedding. Candela, a temperamental judge, and Diaz, a shady local businessman, investigate the murder case. The island itself is a true protagonist of the story.

The TV series Hierro was produced by Movistar +, ARTE France, Portocabo and Atlantique Productions. The first season was released on Movistar + on June 2019. 

An image from TV series Hierro ©️DoP José Luis Bernal

The candidates for the 2019 EUFCN Location Award were:

The European Film Commissions Network is a non-profit association that supports and promotes European film industry and culture. It currently represents 96 European film commissions and film institutions from 29 different countries.

EUFCN Reception @ Cannes Film Festival 2017

May 22nd and 23rd, 2017

As each year, EUFCN joined the Cannes Film Festival. This year we had a special reception together with the AFCI.

Thanks to the hospitality of the Scandinavian Location, for the event and for the Member Meeting too.

Find below a selection of the best moments from the reception and from the Filming Europe members’ meeting.
(Thanks to Hamburg Film Commission for the pictures.)

EUFCN Reception @ Cannes Film Market 2015

May 18th, 2015

EUFCN joined the Cannes Film Festival this year as well! 
We had a special reception together with the AFCI, the Film Commissions Reception and it was a great success!

Thanks to Scandinavian Location for hosting the reception and the EUFCN members who decided to co-host the event.

Find a below a selection of the best moments of the Film Commissions reception.
(Thanks to Hamburg Film Commission for the pictures.)

EUFCN Reception @ Cannes Film Market 2016

May 16th and 17th, 2016

This year EUFCN had a special reception together with the AFCI, EAVE and EP2C.

Thanks to the hospitality of the Scandinavian Location, for the event and for the Member Meeting too.

Find a below a selection of the best moment from the reception and from the EUFCN members’ meeting.
(Thanks to Hamburg Film Commission for the pictures.)

EUFCN TALK @ Cannes Film Festival 2018

It’s our pleasure inviting you to the panel “Global Filmmaking in competition powered by European Film Commissions”, a special event organized by EUFCN – the European Film Commissions Network, in partnership with Cineuropa and Italian Pavilion.

The event will take place on Tuesday 15th May 2018 at 10.00AM, at the Italian Pavilion (Salon Marta – Hotel Majestic).
The event aims at engaging film and TV industry in a discussion on the important role played by film commissions and regional funds in the two European movies in Cannes IFF competition Lazzaro Felice by Alice Rohrwacher and Cold War by Paweł Pawlikowski.
Introductions by a panel of four speakers will be followed by a debate with the audience.

To learn more about the speakers read below.




Truls Kontny – Film Commissioner
EUFCN President and Film Commission Norway

Truls Kontny, an Executive with over 26 years of experience in the Scandinavian Film Head of the Film Commission Norway which he founded in 2003.
From 1989 to 2002 he served as CFO and later Managing Director of Norsk Film AS, the biggest production company in Norway at that time. During his tenure at Norsk Film, he produced, financed and oversaw production of over 30 films and managed the financing activities for Norsk Films international and domestic co-productions. He has served on the Boards of Norsk Film, Filmteknikk Norge, Norsk FilmStudio, ScanCam (the latter two as Chairman) and other Norwegian film companies and festivals. He serves now on several international board of directors including; President of European Film Commission, President of Scandinavian Locations, Chairmen of Film From South festival.
Prior to joining Norsk Film in 1989, he served as a Vice-President at Landsbanken, one of Norway’s premier banks where he was responsible for the bank’s investments in the film and media industry.
As Head of the national film commission, Mr Kontny has been instrumental in bridging the Scandinavian film industry to the global marked.
As a true champion of film producing and international coproductions he has served as panelist and speaker at various film festivals and financing conferences on the continent and across the pond, from Cannes to The Hamptons.
As a father of two sons, he is an advocate of young filmmakers and first time producers serving as mentor; sharing his expertise and network.
Mr. Kontny holds an MBA in Economics, a Masters Certificate in International Film Marketing and co-production and Film Commission Economic Development.


Carlo Cresto-Dina – Producer
Tempesta Film
Film in Cannes IFF Competition Lazzaro Felice by Alice Rohrwacher

In 2009 Carlo Cresto-Dina founded tempesta, a film production company based in London and Bologna. The company’s first film Corpo Celeste, the debut feature by Alice Rohrwacher, premiered at Cannes 2011 and was subsequently invited to Sundance, London, Dubai, Rio and won several prestigious international awards including the “Ingmar Bergman International Award for Best Debut Film”.
Tempesta’s next feature L’intervallo by Leonardo Di Costanzo premiered at Venice 2012 where it won the FIPRESCI International Award, and after Toronto, London, Lisboa was selected for the prestigious New York MoMA “New Directors New Films” event.
Carlo Cresto-Dina’s production Le Meraviglie (The Wonders) written and directed by Alice Rohrwacher, an Italy French Germany Switzerland coproduciotn, won the Jury Gran Prize at Cannes Film Festival 2014.
In 2014 tempesta also produced the family film Asino Vola (Donkey flies) which premiered at Locarno Film Festival 2015.
Tempesta’s recent projects include Fräulein written and directed by Caterina Carone, the TV Series Tell me more and The last things debut feature by Irene Dionisio, premiered at Venice Film Festival 2016.
At Cannes’s “Directors’ Forthnight “ 2017 tempesta presented The intruder, Leonardo Di Costanzo second feature.
Tempesta’s Happy as Lazarus written and directed by Alice Rohrwacher is in Cannes 2018 Official Selection – Competition. In 2016 Carlo Cresto-Dina founded tempesta film uk in London which is presently producing the debut feature Wildfire by BAFTA winner Cathy Brady.

Ewa Puszczynska – Producer
Opus Films Poland‎
Film in Cannes IFF Competition Cold War by Paweł Pawlikowski

Ewa Puszczyńska graduated from the English Literature Department of the University of Lodz.
Since 1995 she has been working for Opus Film, an independent film production company in Poland; for the last 8 years as a producer and Head of Development, managing the development and execution of their projects.
She is also the Head of International Department of the company supervising co-productions and foreign sales of the produced movies. In the recent years Ewa has produced films for Opus that have gained international recognition, among them Mr Kuka’s Lessons, Spring 1941, and Zero.
She is currently producing a Polish-Norwegian film, Kings of the Devil Island and coordinates the development of the latest Ari Folman feature project and an animated movie by the Quay-brothers. In 2007 she was appointed by the Minister of Culture as an expert for the Polish Film Institute.


Kirsten Niehuus – CEO
CEO Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Kirsten Niehuus has been the Managing Director of the Film Funding Department of the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg since 2004. Prior to that she worked in the film industry in various positions including as a lawyer for the German national film fund – Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA) in Berlin and then as the acting director of the FFA. She was also the German representative to Eurimages as well as its vice-president for two years.
She is a board member of various institutions, such as German Films, the Deutscher Filmförderfonds (DFFF) and the Kuratorium der Berliner Filmhochschule (dffb). From 2012 until July 2016 she served as a member of the ZDF-Fernsehrat.
At the Medienboard Niehuus has been responsible for initiating various new programmes and policies such as „Leuchtstoff“ that supports newcomers and graduating students, artist-in-residence partnerships and co-production development funds with Poland, Turkey and Russia.
In 2013 she was honored with the French order “Chevalier of Arts and Literature” and in 2014 became honorary professor at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf where she teaches film funding and film policy.


Valerio Caruso
Cineuropa Director –

For information: